I have extensive experience investigating electrical equipment failures ranging from the large-scale electrical power generation and distribution equipment, to such products as microwaves. I can inspect and document fire and explosion scenes, equipment failures, electric shock and electrocution incidents. 


  • Cogeneration
  • Gas Turbine
  • Wind Generation
  • Nuclear Power Plant 
  • Protection for BWR. Backup Emergency Power systems (NASA mission control)
  • Expert witness work with electrical subject matter. 
  • Electrical injuries and electrocutions
  • Equipment Damage
  • Electrical Fires
  • Damages resultant from power outages
  • Spikes and Surges.
  • Canadian Electrical Commission compliance reports 
  • Diagnostic and Forensic Reporting

Qualified Expert Witness in Electrical Engineering Forensics.  Expert witness work with electrical subject matter. 

  • Electrical injuries and electrocutions
  • equipment damage
  • electrical fires
  • damages resultant from power outages
  • spikes and surges
  • Canadian Electrical Code compliance reports
  • diagnostic and forensic reporting


  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Systems
  • Equipment Evaluating
  • Lightning strikes causing electrical failure
  • High Voltage Failures
  • Cable Failures Transformer, Electric Motor, Switchgear and Panel board, Failures Equipment, 
  • Appliances and Electronics Liability Investigations
  • Utility Failures (Power Surges, Floating/Open Neutral Failure)
  • Static Electricity Incidents
  • Explosions due to Electrical Failures