Working alongside investigators to determine the origin or cause of fire or explosions due to:

  • Faulty electrical equipment circuits lightning strikes
  • Arson
  • Negligence
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Household Wiring

Qualified Expert Witness 

  • Electrical Engineering Forensics.

Senior Electrical Engineer with experience 

  • Switchgear
  • Control systems design 
  • Protection
  • Startup 
  • Installation 
  • Commissioning
  • Performance Testing
  • Transformers 
  • Transmission Lines
  • Distribution Cables
  • Contractors
  • Relays and Circuit Breakers 
  • Post-damage Equipment Repairability

 Experienced in Investigations 

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Systems
  • Equipment Evaluating
  • Lightning strikes causing electrical failure
  • High Voltage Failures
  • Cable Failures Transformer, Electric Motor, Switchgear and Panel board Failures   Equipment,
  • Appliances and Electronics Liability Investigations
  • Utility Failures (Power Surges, Floating/Open Neutral Failures)
  • Static Electricity Incidents
  • Explosions due to Electrical Failures